Naraku Uchiha
Title: Konoha's Demon Wind
The Darkness of the Shinobi
Gender: Male
Age: 51
Height: 191.2 cm
Weight: 87.5 kg
Blood type: B
Classification: Sannin, S-Rank, ANBU
Occupation: Leader of SWORD
Member of the Konoha Council
Affiliation: Konoha
Teams: SWORD (current), Team Nebula, Team Gouken (former)
Family: Hikaku Uchiha (father, deceased), Toki Uchiha (mother, deceased), Katsuga Uchiha (brother, deceased), Mikota Uchiha (wife, deceased), Tori Uchiha (son), Caleb Uchiha (son), Haruka Uchiha (daughter), Sairyou Uchiha (son)
Nature Type: Fire Release
Blaze Release
Dark Release
Storm Release
Steel Release
Swift Release

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