Imohtep the Inciter
Title: The Inciter
Gender: Male
Race: Dark Titan / Highborne hybrid
Level  ?? (Boss)
Character Class: Necromancer, Warlock, Fighter, Warrior, Sorcerer
Affiliation: The Burning Legion, Malevolence Cult
Occupation: Supreme Overseer of the Malevolence Cult
Location: Unknown
Status: Alive
Relatives: Sargeras (father), Queen Azshara (mother), Eonar (aunt), Aman'Thul (uncle), Golganneth (cousin)

Imohtep the Inciter is the Supreme Overseer of the Burning Legion, and High Priest of the Malevolence Cult. He is the result of a union between the Dark Titan Sargeras himself, and Queen Azshara. Like Cenarius, He was born through a mental connection not physical. He takes the form of a human in order to hold and withstand his true power.

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