THE DEATH EATERS organization
LEADERS: GANRYU HYUGA (Leader), NARAKU UCHIHA / Slade (De facto leader, Founder) (a)
- Death Eater teams:
- Akuma Chi & Solf. J. Kimblee
- 'Lust' & Bakura Shiraku

- Ichigo Kurama & Sojiro Kusaka

- Jin Kazama & 'Pyro'


Other Members:


- Razius

- Hiro (spy and infiltrator of the Death Eaters)

- Sairyou Uchiha (current Otakage)

- Mizuki (serves as a member of the ANBU Black Ops though in reality is really a Death Eater and spy of the Death Eaters)


Other information:


- They're main territories are the Sound Country, and the ruined country of Ishval (ancient and original homeland of Akuma Chi and his near-extinct brethen known as the Ishvalans)

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